M3 Master LEP  


  • Nikol Stefanova
  • Kim Ngan Le Dang
  • Hikari Sophia Stölzle


Prof.Dr. Gefei Zhang

Welcome to LEP - Powered by TimeFold. Revolutionize the academic schedule planning with our smart, automated solution!

Embrace simplicity in timetable planning with LehrEinsatzPlanung tool. Teachers effortlessly submit their availability and course details, while administrators easily manage the automated, optimized timetable creation. Discover the future of efficient and optimized academic planning.

Our Goal

The task of creating university timetables is a complex work at HTW Berlin, traditionally managed by a small team facing a huge amount of data. Each semester, faculty staffs receive Excel sheets from hundreds of faculty members, each detailing courses, availability, and specific preferences. The work of creating a suitable, coherent schedule is often time-consuming, complicated, and repetitive. The process, demanding intense human effort and great attention to detail, typically consumes up to one and a half weeks per course of study and its semesters.

This is where LEP steps in. Our goal is to automate this manual scheduling process, transforming weeks of work into mere minutes of efficiency. With our app, teachers can easily input their information, and administrators can then execute an automated solution. This powerful tool intelligently considers all necessary defined constraints, producing a well-matched and optimized schedule with remarkable speed and accuracy.

The team

Our team consists of three students, each contributing a unique set of skills to this practical project. We combine front- and back-end development, database management, and unit testing to create an effective application. Our collaborative approach extends beyond our team - we actively engage with our project supervisor and the university’s scheduling staff, ensuring that our solution is well tailored to meet the actual needs of university. Together, we’re not just coding an application, we’re redefining how academic scheduling is done.
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