M1 Master Somethin.AR  


  • Ruslan Novikov
  • Juri Wiechmann
  • Julia Zamaitat
  • Robin Jaspers
  • Diro Baloska


David Strippgen, Robert Meyer, Fabian Quosdorf

Somethin.AR is an immersive Multiplayer Mixed-Reality Game where you and your friends can team up in real-time to capture small invading creatures while the game seamlessly blends your surroundings with an extended virtual world, transforming your room into an exciting new environment.

Our Goal

In recent years, the technology landscape has seen the emergence of various terms like XR, AR, and VR, all centered around a common concept: expanding and enhancing our perception of the world with virtual or mixed reality applications. While numerous XR games have already flooded the market, there has been a notable gap in offerings for shared experiences.

Enter Somethin.AR, our visionary project born out of the desire to create an immersive, shared virtual experience where the boundaries between the digital and the real world dissolve. Our mission was clear: to enable people to spend quality time with their friends while exploring this immersive fusion of reality and virtuality. To make that happen, we put on our Meta Quest 3 headsets and pushed the boundaries of the ever-changing technology.

The Team

All of us worked together to provide the best shared experience we could, using our power as a team to tackle this challenge from different perspectives.

When we began this project, our team members had different levels of experience. Ruslan and Robin took charge of colocation, making multiplayer mode possible in our game. They dedicated their efforts to researching and testing methods for sharing room mesh data over the network with other players. Juri handled the implementation of enemy logic using AI and managed the game state, ensuring a seamless gaming experience. Diro was responsible for improving the game’s overall look and feel, smoothly integrating the virtual and real worlds. Meanwhile, for Julia, it marked her first venture into game development. She focused on designing UI elements and interactions in VR with the Meta Quest headsets and played a key role in project management, overseeing the organization of the project as well as the showtime.