B5 Bachelor SmartLibrary - It's A Match!


  • Ayman Abou Hashem
  • Eva El Sakka
  • Thi Thu Hien Tran
  • Natalia Marth
  • Bassel Samo


Linda Fernsel


We dedicated initial time to conceptualising the idea for the plugin, exploring its potential impact and benefits. This involved learning from Moodle Academy about building Moodle plugins and creating first drafts to outline key functionalities.

With a clearer vision, we strategically divided the overall idea into smaller, manageable tasks. Each task was designed to contribute to the overarching goal of the plugin.

Adopting agile methodologies, we embraced a collaborative and iterative approach. This involved regular team meetings, feedback loops, and adjustments to the plan based on evolving insights and progress.

Recognizing the diverse skill set within our team, we assigned specific tasks to team members based on their expertise. This allowed for efficient utilisation of individual strengths, ensuring a well-rounded development process.