B5 Bachelor SmartLibrary - It's A Match!  


  • Ayman Abou Hashem
  • Eva El Sakka
  • Thi Thu Hien Tran
  • Natalia Marth
  • Bassel Samo


Linda Fernsel
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SmartLibrary is an innovative Moodle plugin developed to promote self-regulated learning by delivering educational resources from online learning platforms such as Coursera and Codecademy.

Our Goal

The goal of SmartLibrary is to enhance the learning experience within Moodle by automating the discovery of relevant and high-quality educational resources. It aims to address the challenges associated with manual searches for learning materials, such as time constraints and inefficiencies.

The team

We are a dedicated team of five people united in a creation of a Moodle Plugin. Each team member brought a unique skill set and a shared enthusiasm for educational technology, making our development process dynamic and efficient.