B4 Bachelor HypnoBuddy  


  • Pia Dünow
  • Justin Gebert
  • Sina Han
  • Marwa Hariz
  • Mai Le Phuong
  • Nataliia Remezova


Andreas Lehner
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Hypno Buddy, an innovative app, enhances hypnotherapy effectiveness, especially for children and adolescents. Facilitating seamless communication between therapists, young clients, and parents, it empowers all parties.

Hypno Buddy

Our Goal

Despite the rapid success achievable through hypnotherapy, the challenge lies in sustaining positive behavioral changes beyond therapy sessions, especially for complex issues like social phobias or school anxiety. Hypno Buddy addresses this gap by providing a child-friendly solution that extends the benefits of hypnotherapy into clients’ daily lives. The app serves as a bridge between hypnotherapists, children, and parents, fostering continuous communication and support. Hypno Buddy aims to create a long-lasting, profound positive behavioral change. The ultimate goal is to empower young clients to overcome deep-rooted fears, identify the roots of their anxieties, and develop healthier responses to life’s challenges.

The team

Our team consists of six developers currently pursuing our IMI bachelor’s studies, each bringing distinct skills and expertise to create, together with our supervisor, a well-coordinated unit. Throughout our collaboration, we’ve fostered a culture of continuous learning, expanding our skillsets and gaining new perspectives. Regular weekly updates have been crucial in keeping everyone informed about individual progress, sharing feedback, and providing mutual support, resulting in a dynamic and collaborative environment. Our journey not only involved technical development but also a deep exploration of hypnotherapy, showcasing our commitment to the success of the HypnoBuddy app.