B1 Bachelor Peek  


  • Alexej Bormatenkow
  • Marlin Pohl
  • Leif Rehtanz
  • Tobias Bayer
  • Laura Bärtschi
  • Matthis Ehrhardt


Prof. Dr.-Ing. David Strippgen

Tired of looking through thousands of documents to get the data you need? Well, we are here to help! With Peek you simply connect to your MongoDB database and let our interactive charts do the filtering. All query-free!

Portrait of App Functionality
App Functionality

Our Goal

There’s no denying that MongoDB is a powerful database with a lot of use cases but as powerful as it is - it is also a little tedious to go through once your collections and documents become bigger. And it’s not very helpful to only see a list of documents and key-value pairs, if you’ve got a long list to go through, is it?

Our goal with this project is to simplify the way you interact with your Mongo database. We want to eliminate the need to use queries to get the data you need. Visually representing key-value pairs as informative graphs and charts that you can interact with to filter your data is supposed to make MongoDB more manageable and enhance your experience when working with it.