B2 Bachelor Makesign Digital Signage für den IDiA-Makerspace


  • Rudolfs Spridis
  • Nemo Ziener
  • Hyun Bin Jeoung
  • Airon Jasinski
  • Niklas Aporius


  • Prof. Dr. Barne Kleinen
  • Martin Holzhauer
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Promote your event or project simply and conveniently throughout the campus!


Makesign is a digital signage project aimed at motivating students to promote their projects while also learning more about the university's offerings.


If you have an event or project you want to share or invite people to, the current method is to elaborately and painstakingly hang posters throughout the campus. Our project aims to use old monitors and TVs, which the university regularly discards, as digital signage boards that can be put up throughout the campus to display information in real time. For the end-users we offer a simple web application via which the users can upload their content to the screens across campus.

In collaboration with Makerspace and IDiA, we have further developed and integrated a system for graphically displaying the booking system for the machines in Makerspace. This system allows the booking schedule of these machines to be digitally displayed in real-time on digital signage boards, in and around the Makerspace.

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    <p>The technology offers numerous expansion possibilities for the future.

One possible application, for example, would be to use old monitors in the buildings on both campuses to display tram departure and arrival times. The possibilities for our project are only limited by the students’ creativity to create content for the screens.

We hope to motivate more students to promote events or projects and to make them more aware of campus offerings, thereby encouraging them to participate in more university projects and events.