B1 Bachelor 3D Infinite Zoom Infinite Zoom in 3D


  • Aaron
  • Andy
  • Asli
  • Tizian
  • Tom


Prof. Dr. Tobias Lenz


The first step into our project was deciding on a game engine to create it with. After evaluating various options, we chose Godot, an open-source software that supports both its own programming language, GDScript, and C#. Our team used both languages.

Once the technical decisions were made, we all worked in parallel. Some of us started by focusing on developing the mechanics for a zoom effect in a 3D environment, while others concentrated on implementing smooth player motion.

After we have developed enough mechanics, our next step was to create some scene variations. Here we used Maya, Blender and shaders of our own to enhance the visuals.

The final and most crucial step of our project was integrating them all together to create an endless zoom effect.

Our development process was agile and iterative, allowing us to adapt quickly to new ideas and feedback, with some steps overlapping as needed.