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summer 2021

Projects showcase
Summer semester 2021

International Media and Computing B/M
HTW Berlin

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about showtime

Projects over Distance

This term is the third term already that all projects and our Showtime are held in a distance format - sad, but also an opportunity to explore the projects from afar! Just dip in for one or two project presentations, visit the projects in their virtual booths or watch the presentation videos, websites, and demos when it fits you best!


One Term Nine Projects

Bachelor students do one, Master students two practical projects during their studies. This term, we are happy to present six projects in the Bachelor’s and four Projects in the Master’s programme. -> discover_the_projects


Almost as in real life

We try to mimick our “real” showtime as closely as possible - there will be short project presentations in the morning, and a project fair with virtual booths and plenty of opportunities to explore the projects in the afternoon. -> check_the_schedule

Work with
our students

We’re always looking for new exciting partners for new projects. Browse through the current projects or former ones in the archive to get an idea what might be possible.